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April 2024 - Congratulations to Axelle for her review paper published in Stem Cells.

April 2024 - Congratulations to Ralph for receiving a Genetics Society travel grant to attend the ISSCR 2024 meeting in Hamburg.

February 2024 - Axelle presented a poster at the 60th IACR annual conference in Dublin.


February 2024 - We are very grateful for receiving the Royal Society Research Grant to investigate the 3D genome reorganization in drug-resistant cancer cells.



February 2024 - The lab participated in the PGJCCR Open Day as part of the Northern Ireland Science Festival, showcasing our research in stem cells and cancer.


January 2024 - Axelle obtained a bursary for attending the 60th annual IACR conference in Dublin next February. 

November 2023 - Congratulations to Yaser on being elected as a committee member of the Genetic Society UK.

November 2023 - A warm welcome to our new MSc student, Talal Huda, who will investigate the role of USP7 in NHL.

October 2023 - Congratulations to Yaser for receiving two EMBO travel grants to attend the EMBO Developmental Metabolism meeting in Heidelberg and the EMBO Enhanceropathies meeting in Marseille.

October 2023 - A warm welcome to our new PhD student, Sachin Luharia, who will investigate the role of 3D genome organization in cancer.

October 2023 - Fatemeh presented her Spic paper as a poster at the Transcription and Chromatin meeting organized by the UK Biochemical Society.

September 2023 - Congratulations to Fatemeh for receiving a travel grant from the Genetic Society UK to attend the ISSCR meeting in Vienna.

August 2023 - Fatemeh's paper on role of SpiC in ground state pluripotency is published in Science Advances.

atlasi lab pizza day

July 2023 - Fatemeh presented a poster on her research at The Milner Therapeutics Symposium held in Cambridge. 

June 2023 - Axelle obtained the 2nd prize for the presentation of her research project at the yearly PGJCCR Symposium.

axelle winning at pgjccr phd

June 2023 - Ralph was awarded the Genetics Society Conference Grant and present his research at the 2023 Paris-Munich  Epigenetics Workshop & Symposium held at the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Munich.

Ralph samarista presenting a poster

May 2023 – Yaser attended the Stem Cell Niche 2023 (Novo Nordisk Science Cluster) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

May 2023 – Axelle presented a poster at the All-Ireland Chromatin Consortium (IACC) conference in

Dublin, Ireland.

February 2023 – Ralph and Axelle presented their posters at the 2023 Irish Association for Cancer Research (IACR) annual conference in Athlone, Ireland. Their visit was supported by a travel scholarship from the QUB School of Medicine, Dentistry and Biomedical Science.

axelle and ralph

February 2023 - The lab volunteered for the PGJCCR Open Days during the NI Science Festival.

atlasi lab members at pgjccr

November 2022 – The lab recently published a paper in Science Advances describing a new epigenetic axis composed of USP7-PRC1.6-H2AK119Ub.

October 2022 – Yaser was awarded the MRC New Investigator Research Grant to investigate the epigenetic USP7-PRC1.6 axis in stem cells and cancer.

atlasi lab celebrating grant

June 2022 – Axelle received a travel scholarship to visit the Verrijzer lab at Erasmus MC in Rotterdam to set up organoid culture in the lab.

March 2022 – Axelle was awarded with a DfE-funded PhD position at the PGJCCR.

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